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      About Nuobei

          Jiangsu Nobei Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest professional manufacturers engaged in logistics system, three-dimensional warehouse planning, storage equipment design, manufacturing and installation in China. The factory is located at the entrance of Sanqiao, Pukou District, which is an important high-tech Development Zone in Nanjing. It is in the center of the government's "Sanqiao economic zone" concept planning. With the famous historical town of Wujiang River and the old mountain scenic spot, it is fresh and beautiful with pleasant environment. Enjoy excellent location, transportation advantages and government support. The "three vertical and seven horizontal" traffic project planned by the government and to be completed will provide convenient traffic conditions and bright development prospects for business contact and logistics transportation.

          The second phase of the new plant construction project in Qiaolin industrial zone is about to break ground in the near future. The new factory covers an area of about 30000 square meters, equipped with professional production lines and supporting facilities in the industry. After being put into operation, the annual GDP will double, striving to reach the level of first-class production enterprises.

          Noble shelf is committed to the design, manufacturing and installation of all kinds of adjustable assembly and trial storage shelves, roadway type shelves, through type shelves, mobile shelves, gravity type shelves and various storage supporting equipment, materials and appliances. From the reservoir planning, shelf selection, to solve the storage, handling, management and maintenance of warehouse materials for customers, and develop and provide the system supporting warehouse management software and warehouse auxiliary supplies.

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      The company has been occupying a leading position in the storage shelf market, specializing in storage shelf, logistics system, three-dimensional warehouse planning, storage equipment design, manufacturing and installation, with a professional design team, striving to build Jiangsu nobe storage shelf Manufacturing Co., Ltd. into a first-class storage shelf provider.